Love Island’s Frankie Foster says his Relationship with Samira was all for the Cameras


When Samira Mighty left the Love Island Villa to follow her heart and be with Frankie Foster it all seemed like the perfect love story.

However the 22-year-old is definitely showing he didn’t fell the same way after all as he has now been accused of cheating for a third time as a video emerges, appearing to show him kissing a mystery blonde woman in a night club.

In the video Frankie can be seen locking lips with the woman while surrounded by party -goers.

A source told the paper that Frankie had told the mystery blonde woman that his romance with Samira was ‘just for the cameras’ before inviting her back to his hotel room.

They said: “He was very flirty with a lot of girls throughout the night. He was back and forth between VIP and the dancefloor and when he saw the girl he just sort of grabbed her and started chatting to her.

“She asked him, ‘Aren’t you with Samira?’ He said, ‘No, it’s fake. It’s all for the cameras.’ Then he kissed her and, very weirdly, started licking her face. It was very strange. We were like, ‘What the hell is he doing?’

“He was really enjoying himself – but he was acting very much like a single boy. He flirted with so many of the girls at the club.”

The source went on to claim that Frankie had DM’d one of her friends on Instagram, asking her to go back to a hotel with him.

“She said no, and he reacted by blocking her.” Smoooooth.

The pair have now split following the accusations .

“Frankie and Samira have both decided to take a break from their relationship and focus on themselves for now.

“They have decided to remain civil and have some space apart to decide on what they want to do. Frankie wholeheartedly knows that his actions were not acceptable and has apologised to Samira. At this moment in time having their own space is most important.”