Behind the Scenes: Don’t Tell the Bride


I’m sure you have said it yourself, why don’t the couples on Don’t Tell The Bride just discuss what they want at the wedding prior to the show and then get their perfect dream wedding for free? Well one happily married couple who appeared on the show in 2014 have now revealed what actually goes on behind the scenes…

Steve and Emma from Rotherham in South Yorkshire tied the knot on the show with a Frozen-themed wedding. Those who watch the show will know that the husband is handed a chunk of cash to organise a secret wedding for his bride, who must be kept completely in the dark about his usually outrageous plans.

Steve had 12 days to plan the Disney inspired ceremony including the stag and hen dos, venue, wedding dress, bridesmaid dresses and everything else you’d expect to have at a wedding.

Emma was not allowed to know anything that was going on until the big day and if the groom dared to give the bride a sneak peek at what he had got planned, the couple claimed that there was harsh consequences.

“We had to sign a contract, which basically said that if you cheat you have to pay £12,000 back at £1,000 a day; it was quite strongly worded as well”

Not only was Steve not allowed to tell Emma about any of the plans, he also wasn’t able to tell friends and family too incase Emma was to find anything out. “I was getting annoyed with that side of it, I was worried about people not coming, and they were insisting that I couldn’t tell people. That was really annoying me.”

I’m still thinking ‘well why didn’t they discuss their wedding before hand?’ Well apparently the producers behind Don’t tell the bride dont even let the Fiancé and Fiancees know that they have been accepted to appear on the show until filming actually begins giving them no time to discuss in detail exactly what they want.

Steve explained: “I would never go on that show ever again. To be honest, looking back now I wish I’d relaxed a bit more and enjoyed it more, but at the time, the stress I went through.”

Although Steve wasn’t impressed with the show Emma says she wouldn’t change a thing about her big day “I was really happy. It was absolutely amazing. Every single bit of it. I wouldn’t change any of it.”