The Love Islanders before we knew them


With Love Island now at an end and all the contestants set to make millions, we are all stuck thinking of ways to fill our 9 o’clock slot.

Well have you been wondering what all the Islanders did before they were on our tv screens every night? of course you have.. sit back and relax because this is your new 9 o’clock slot.

First up: Josh Denzel
He actually worked as a LADbible and SPORTbible presenter and has met an array of sports stars including, Englands Harry Kane, Boxer Anthony Joshua and MMA fighter Conor McGregor.


2. Jack Fincham
As we all know Jack was a stationary sales manager aka sold pens for a living before entering the villa. There is also no hiding the fact he has had his teeth done with people comparing him to Ross out of friends, but what did jack look like before his sparkly nashers?


3. Megan Barton-Hanson
Megan is a glamour model outside the villa. She once was a stripper to pay for her uni fees but was sacked for getting involved with another staff member. She received a lot of abuse after a video circulated of her throwing cereal all over a supermarket. And if you didn’t already know she spent £25k on surgery before entering the Villa due to a lack in body confidence.


4. Ellie Brown
Ellie is a Geordie Gal (surprised we haven’t seen her in Geordie Shore yet) and just like Megan, Ellie went under the knife before entering the Villa. She deleted all pictures of her off social media before the surgery so that no one could see what she use to look like (but we found some) and at least she has 4 mil now, I mean Charlie.


5. Dani Dyer
Dani Dyer is obviously the daughter of Danny Dyer, She dated her dads Eastenders co-star for a year before going into the villa. ‘The Ex’ claims he didn’t actually cheat on her, “I think she’s used that to get through to the final.” they apparently split because of a rape scene Dani was in, for the film ‘We Still Kill The Old Way’ that he didn’t agree with. Plot twist…


6. Samira Mighty
If you didn’t guess from her sass queen personality, Samira is a west end performer appearing in shows such as Mamma Mia and Dreamgirls. She also used to work with TOWIE star Amber Turner in high street lingerie store Gilly Hicks.


7. Laura Anderson
Laura worked and lived in Dubai before entering the villa as an Emirate flight attendant. Before serving dinner to the likes of Channing Tatum onboard an aircraft, Laura also did a bit of glamour modelling for a short period of time and also had brown hair!


8. Daryelle Sargeant
Daryelle looks very different these days to how she did before her tattoos. She is a microblading techinician and is friends with Ex on the Beach star Helen Briggs. Since leaving the villa she’s found love with Jake Quickenden… that was quick


9. Georgia Steele
Gee is a Loyal barmaid and performing arts student from York hun. Before swapping her Chelsea student life for the Villa Georgia dated a mystery male celebrity, however, she kept details of her romance secret. She once ‘apparently’ got with her best friends boyfriend but completely denied it even after the boyfriend admitted to everything (did someone say loyal)


10.Hayley Hughes
Scouser, Hayley won Miss GB a few years ago showing you do only need to look good to win… In true Hayley style she hired Michael Jackson’s bodyguard to teach her some moves when leaving the villa after she got scared of all the threats she was receiving.


11. Eyal Booker
Except from being a spiritual soul and thinking he use to be a monkey in his past life, Eyal was once in a cheesy pop band called Everyoung that even had an actual Hollywood actor, Jeremy Irons in one of their videos.

12. Adam Collard
Adam is a personal trainer for Sculpt Fitness but he didn’t use to be so fit. WE HAVE HOPE EVERYBODY. As well as hitting the gym 50 times a week Adam also regularly applied for Geordie Shore but got turned down on several occasions until they finally let him on the show as an extra.

           < yes that’s really him!

13. Charlie Brake
Charlie is a ‘secret’ heir to £4 million after his families business was sold for £1 billion. He obviously went to a posh school and travels to Monaco on a regular bases to visit his dad who lives there. He likes to take his dates skiing and has also trained in Muy Thai.


14. Wes Nelson
Wes is a 20 year old Electrical and Nuclear Systems Design Engineer which involves designing, building, running or decommissioning nuclear power stations. He was already quite a hit on Instagram before entering the villa due to videos of him working out going viral. As well as being very academic he is also quite a poser too.


15.Sam Bird
Sam worked as a Personal Trainer for MIC’s Georgia Toffolo back home before entering the villa to ‘show Adam how to treat a lady right’. He’s a self-described “showman” that likes “to be the centre of attention”. Sam has also played for the junior team at Norwich City FC and scored the winning goal at the junior cup final in May.


16. Alex George AKA Dr Alex
In case you didn’t know, 27 year old Alex is a junior A&E doctor originally from Carmarthen, Wales. Alex studied medicine at the University of Exeter were he worked and lived until entering the villa. He is now reportedly being lined up for a role on This Morning since admitting he would like a career as a TV doctor. And he really is a big fan of cars!


17.Kazimir Crossley
Best known in the villa as Kez, Kaz?.. Kaz is half Thai and works as an MUA outside of the villa. She has done makeup for quite a few famous faces including working with Love Islands Alexandra before entering the villa, on makeup for Demi Rose Mawby. (swear they all already knew each other)


18. Alexandra Cane
Alexandra is a 27 Year old (yes we didnt know she was 27 either!?) MUA and Fashion Blogger from Hertfordshire. She has also appeared in music videos such as Giggs, the one with Megan. After not finding love with Dr Alex, Alex is now dating other Alex from this years Love Island, confused yet? after they both couldn’t stop flirting at the Love Island After Party.


19. Kendall Rae-Knight
Kendall is a 26 year old retail manager from Blackpool. She is a former beauty queen who ended her modelling career after meeting her ex-fiance. During her pageantry days, the 26-year-old was crowned Miss North West and was also a Miss England finalist in 2015 where she became good friends with Love Island 2016’s Zara Holland.


20. Rosie Williams
Rosie is a 26 year old solicitor from Wales. She became a solicitor of the senior courts of England and Wales in March and her brother-in-law is also Welsh boxer, Liam Williams. She has previously dated Jordan Davies five years ago when he first joined Ibiza Weekender but things ended when she caught him cheating on the show… obviously. Rosie says she has already earned her years salary as a solicitor within one month of leaving the show (great to know)


21. Laura Crane
Laura is a professional surfer and model who was born in Bristol, and lived there for ten years before her family moved to Devon. She learnt to surf in the North of Devon were she won the British championships, before being signed by Billabong. Since then Laura has travelled all over the world with her love for the sport, but now resides between the UK and Portugal. (Can I have that job since she no longer needs it?)


22. Jack Fowler
Jack is a 22-year-old semi-professional footballer who plays for Harlow Town, a football team in Essex. He grew up in London as well a tiny Island between South Africa and South America called Saint Helena, hence the strange accent. When his ex dumped him a year ago he was “devastated” and went to Ireland to recover. (‘LAD’)

23. Zara Mcdermott
Zara is a 21-year-old government adviser from Essex. However, she may be in hot water after failing to tell Whitehall bosses that she was appearing on the show.The government aide only informed bosses that she was taking a “career break” and now the high-flier could face the sack if she breaks strict civil servant rules. Not that she needs that job now anyway…


24. Paul Knops
Paul is a 31-year-old carpenter and model from Bournemouth. The 31-year-old already had a large following on his Instagram account, mainly due to his workout and men style snaps… or the Britney Spears Music Video… “Me and Britney were friends for a bit. I got to know her really well during the making of the video.” I bet.

25. Niall Aslam
Niall Aslam is a student and construction worker from Coventry. Unlike some of his fellow contestants, the 23-year-old had no previous claim to fame. Like some of the girls, Niall also underwent surgery before entering the Villa getting his ears pinned back to make himself feel more comfortable with his appearance.


26. Frankie Foster
Frankie Foster is a 22 year old business management student and a fitness coach from Cheltenham. Prior to Love Island, he played semi professional rugby and has also worked as a model.