Being Lazy is a sign of Intelligence

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Feeling guilty about pigging out on the sofa over the Easter Break?

Don’t worry, spending the long weekend doing a whole lotta nothing is actually a good thing! How!? Well according to new research from a US-based study, it suggests that people with a higher IQ get bored less easily and active people who spend more time down the gym need to stay physically active to keep their mind stimulated with external activities.

So whilst you’re being a couch potato, all your gym buddies who are taking selfies with a dumbbell could actually be in serious need of some mental stimulation!

The study was carried out by Todd McElroy on a group of Florida based students. They were given a questionnaire to rate how strongly they agreed with various statements. The participants were then divided into 30 ‘thinkers’ and 30 ‘non-thinkers’ with their physical activity being measured over a period of seven days through a wrist device. The conclusive data showed the thinking group were considerably less active than the non-thinkers.

This is just speculation of course, and the researchers of the study reckon it’s more to do with the fact the non-thinkers get bored more easily and so need fill their time with physical activity.

Whether this is true or not it is a pretty small selection of students to pull any decisive conclusion from but at least you’ve got an official study to use an as excuse next time someone accuses you of being lazy.