ASOS is Selling A Slush Puppy Machine Just In Time For Summer


When it comes to summer drinks, slush puppies are up there at the top and especially when alcohol is added. We can all relate to the excitement of finishing school in summer and going straight to the corner shop to pick up a slush puppy knowing that we were in for a sweet treat.

Thanks to ASOS and Fizz Creations, you can now make your own slush puppies whenever you want too with your very own slush puppy machine.

ASOS is selling this genius product made by Fizz Creations, which allows you to blend your own refreshing beverage at the reasonable price of only £59.99. Making up to one litre of slush at a time, you will only need to add your own syrup and vodka of course, to create your very own refreshing summer cocktail.

The website reads: “Fizz Creations gets the mood just right with its innovative range of home accessories. Not afraid to push the boundaries of design, the brand’s trend-led lights and mugs are perfect for gifting yourself and your mates.”

Buy yours ready for the summer BBQ’s here.