Jamie Oliver’s Milkshakes Contain SIX TIMES MORE SUGAR than your Daily intake


Jamie Oliver AKA the man who took away turkey twizzlers and smiley faces from our childhood dinners, is known for making school dinners healthy, stopping children from consuming too much sugar and he also played role in the introduction of sugar tax.

However it seems there is now one rule for the general public and another for Jamie Oliver as it has been discovered that his very own Cookies and Cream Milkshake contains six times the daily sugar limit recommended for children!😮

Jamie recently stood in front of MP’s with a bottle of Strawberry Yazoo and told them how the milkshake drink was “jam-packed with nine teaspoons of sugar” and demanded a sugar tax was to be implemented.

On the other hand Jamie’s own milkshake which is served in a chocolate cup contains a whopping 46 TEASPOONS of sugar and also 12 cookies too! righttttt?😵

Carrie RuxtoN, TV nutritionist told the Sun: “It goes against what he is saying in public and therefore people will lose confidence in what he is saying, he needs to be consistent”

Jamie is also serving Burgers in his own Italian Restaurants that are bursting with Fat and Sugar, your entire daily 70g fat limit recommended by the NHS in fact!🍔

If you was then to get a side of sweet potato fries with that you would be adding 34 grams of fat, never even mind your starter and you can forget the dessert!🍴

A creamy burrata starter would add 41g and a chocolate praline pud containing 43g would bring your full meal to a total of 188 grams! More than twice your daily allowance of fat, sugars and saturates?!

Jamie’s Italian said: “All our kids meals are nutritionally balanced. “A third of the adult menu is healthy. “Customers can choose to be healthy or indulge.” Let us know your opinion, however were off to start a petition to get Turkey Twizzlers on back on the school menu!🖊