Morrisons are selling a 18cm wide Burger weighing 1lb!


Morrisons have launched the ‘Daddy of All Burgers’ made especially for Father’s Day this weekend however we feel that this will be perfect for our upcoming BBQ’s this season so we’re stocking up!🍔🍔🍔

Costing only £3, the burger is four times the size of your normal quarter pounder meaning it weighs a massive 1lb! … Not so good if you’re trying to lose the pounds 😂🍔

Morrisons are also selling giant burger buns so you dont have to worry about finding a bun big enough to fit 🙌🏻

You will however need to stock up on the cheese slices if you’re wanting to turn the beast into a Cheeseburger as you will need 4 slices per burger for it to be fully covered!🧀

Are you ready for a BBQ challenge? Go hard or go home 🍔