JD Wetherspoon is now Selling Shimmery Pink Unicorn Gin


If the thought of shimmering pink gin gets you excited then you may want to head down to your local JD Wetherspoon tomorrow.

The affordable pub chain has announced that it’s launching Zymurgorium Realm of the Unicorn gin liqueur as part of the new autumn menu. The spirit will be on the shelves for us all to enjoy from Wednesday 26th September and our mouths are already watering at the thought of the delicious gin mixed with lemonade and garnished with a fresh, juicy strawberry on the side.

The cost of the glittering gin will be approximately £3.25 for a single shot and mixer, although prices may vary in pubs across the country.

A spokesperson for JD Wetherspoon said “Wetherspoon offers a superb range of gins and we are always keen to add to the range, we believe the new gin will be a hit with our customers.”

Credit: PA Images

If you have a sweet tooth this will be heaven in a glass as the gin basically tastes like marshmallows. If you can’t get down to your local Wetherspoons you can purchase a bottle of the pretty pink liquer for around £26 from various online sites.

If on the other hand you’re a regular at your pub, you may also want to try the other Zymurgorium gins that Wetherspoon offers in other delicious flavours, including the parma violet juniper-based spirit, which sent social media into meltdown earlier this year.