Mars the Label Aliexpress drama

It has come to light that Arianna Ajtar, the owner behind Mars the Label, has been selling clothes she describes are her own designs when in fact they are from chinese retailers based on Aliexpress.

An Instagram account was set up to show the clothes Arianna was selling compared to the exact same outfits sold on AliExpress for less than a quarter of the price. The story has been developing even further on Twitter this week as the girl behind the Instagram account posted screen shots of a conversation she had with Arianna directly. Arianna can be seen ‘bullying’ the girl, commenting on her weight and also sending her a nude photo that she has of the girl from when she was aged just 13!

Hundreds, if not thousands of girls have shown their support for this young girl, Chloe, whilst also confirming that they too have had bad experiences with Mars the Label, from clothes simply not arriving to items taking more than 3 weeks to arrive as well as them being very bad quality (all common signs of a Chinese retailer).

Other well known brands have now started coming in to defend Arianna on Twitter, due to her past experience working closely as an influencer for those brands in the past. Arianna has now set all of her social media to private since the incident.

The Coronation Street extra has had thousands of negative reviews on TrustPilot before the Instagram page was even set up, showing that Chloe very well may be telling the truth. Arianna has also reportedly refunded and offered to pay some girls to not push their negative reviews in the past.

Arianna’s friend has commented saying she knows that Arianna has done wrong but yet big brands are still trying to defend her whilst bullying a girl who was only explaining her own experience to warn others.

Chloe spoke to GirlLYF on situation saying:

Arianna is still to comment on the allegations.