Move over Nutella – You Can Now Buy Lindt Chocolate Spread in the UK but It’s Already Selling Out!


If you thought nothing could ever beat Nutella in the game of chocolate spreads then think again because Lindt has just launched its own hazelnut spread and it looks amazing. 😍

Weather it’s Nutella, Maltesers Teasers or the tasty Lotus Biscoff spread we just can’t get enough of what is essentially jars of chocolate heaven spread onto bread (or eaten straight out the jar with a spoon). 🍫



The smooth delicious chocolatey spread has been spotted in a Lindt stores across the UK and we can’t help but crave it. Although the tasty spread has only just launched in the UK you may have seen it before as it has already been available to buy in other European countries for a while but you can now finally get it in Britain! 🙌



Lindt say “the use of real Lindt chocolate combined with hazelnut enables you to create a delightful dessert or snack with a full and intense flavour. The preparation method that has been fine-tuned by the Lindt MaÎtres Chocolatiers to give rise a perfectly smooth mixture which retains the full chocolate aroma.”

The tasty spread was originally spotted by Instagram account ProductsInStore, who shared a photo of the jar at a Lindt shop in Liverpool, where the heavenly jars are available but if you don’t fancy taking a trip that for you can also buy it online for £5.99 a jar, although you may have to wait till they are restocked again!


£5.99 @lindtuk wow looks amazing at Liverpool Lindt shop.

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If you really want to fork out for the chocolate spread we found them on Amazon for a very expensive £19.80 😲

It looks like we’ll be sticking to to Nutella for now then..