Mars The Label sell ‘Custom Designs’ that are actually from Chinese retailer Aliexpress


Mars the Label which is managed by Instagram ‘Influencer’ Arianna Ajtar and also LemonLunaUK are both clothing brands which heavily advertise through Instagram.

They are known for their Glamourous style and insta looks but although their products may look good on social media the same can’t be said about the actual quality and customer service of these two brands.

You only have to look on Trust Pilot to see hundreds of complaints from past customers who have either been highly disappointed by their purchases or are still waiting on refunds from 3+ months ago.

People have stated the goods that they have purchased have ‘not been anything like the website’, ‘they are cheap and see through’ or ‘ have taken 3 weeks to arrive’.

This is because it has now been said that they are actually purchasing their items from a Chinese retailer known as AliExpress. AliExpress is the Chinese version of ebay which allows small independent businesses in China to sign up and sell through the website with AliExpress then taking a fee from their sales.

Anyone who has ordered from AliExpress, including myself, will know the clothes are always hit and miss. Sometimes they arrive huge, other times super small, the quality isn’t always great and you could never ever run a reputable business with them as your main supplier.

Identical items have been found on the Chinese website of clothing sold by both Mars the Label and Lemon Lunar UK, although the prices for these items are less than half the price compared to what the Instafamous, Arianna Ajtar, is selling them for on her site.

Arianna Ajtar claims she designs all of her own pieces but it seems the only thing she may be inputting into the ‘clothing brand’ is what colour she wants them to be and also the adding of her ‘Mars the Label’ Label.