Tammy Hembrow talks about collapsing at Kylie Jenners 21st


Tammy Hembrow has spoken in detail about how she was the ‘unknown’ model who collapsed at Kylie Jenners 21st Birthday Party.

The Model left the party in an ambulance and has since broke down in tears on her youtube channel as she reencountered the events of last Thursday night. 

The entire Kardashian/Jenner clan were at the party as well as a host of A-Listers. Images appeared online of one of Kylies party guests laying face down on a stretcher, no one knew who this person was other than that they were a model.

Tammy has reassured fans that she is okay and that on the night in question she was “running off 30 hours no sleep, struggling to keep her eyes open and even fell asleep whilst getting her hair and makeup done.”

The Australian model has recently split from the father or her children, Reece and has said to of been “throwing herself into her work more than ever since the split” as well as looking after her children the majority of the time.

Tammy explains in her youtube video how she probably shouldn’t of been drinking as she was jet legged and exhausted from all the recent work she has been doing. She had been catching up with friends at the party and it all got too much resulting in her collapsing in front of everyone there.

Tammy wants to “brush everything aside” as she is super embarrassed about the whole ordeal however numerous trolls have hit out, being nasty and making things up.

“Tammy has said how she “personally could never imagine attacking someone or judging someone for something like this as you never know what someone is going through.” Be kind always!

Watch the full video below: