You can now buy Pornstar Martini Spread for the sexiest breakfast in bed of your life


Pornstar Martinis are theeee best cocktail EVER if you ask me, but when it comes to a breakfast spread i’m not too sure how I feel about replacing my shot of Prosecco for a slice of toast🤔

Firebox, the creators of this award winning spread, say Pornstar Martini lovers now have the perfect accompaniment to tantalising toast or a slutty bagel. Made with real passion fruit and cheeky lashings of vodka you can also bake with it, stir it into cocktails, or ‘sensually smear it over your lover’… hey, there is a reason it’s called passionfruit!😏🍸

We’d like to propose a toast… As well as this tropical decadence, Firebox also do a range of other spreadable flavours too including, Whiskey, Gin, Espresso Martini and Beer!

The best part is… these cheeky concoctions contain no alcohol so you don’t have to worry about drunkenly stumbling through the door into work at 9am. Someone should change their name to FIREGODS🔥🔥🔥

If you’re looking to add some buzz to your bagel head over to Firefox and get your spread on now for just £9.99 per 220g jar✨🍸