A French Bulldog Café is Opening in London


Who doesn’t love dogs and coffee?!? Well brace yourselves, as we have some news that is going to make your day 10x better…


Our two favourite things are finally joining forces and can now be enjoyed together as a French Bulldog pop-up café is coming to London!

The Frenchie Café has been organised by the team at Pug Café who create cute pop-up cafes dedicated to our little canine cuties.

They firstly started with only a pug pop-up but have also launched a Dachshund Café and now a Frenchie Café!

If you’re a Frenchie lover make sure you head down to The Lounge, The Happenstance, 10 Paternoster Sq, London EC4M 7DX on Sunday 9th September between 10am-7:20pm where the pop-up café will be taking place.

You will be given a 70 minute time slot starting from 10am, 11.10am, 12.20pm, 1.30pm, 2.40pm, 3.50pm, 5pm and 6.10pm.

Ticket entry will be £10 if you take your Frenchie along with you or £15 if you’re attending without your pooch. The ticket covers your entry as well as a pupuccino and a bag of pupcorn for your doggy. How cute!

Although we’re not sure why it’s took someone so long to think of this idea we’re definitely all for it and we’re already counting down the days! To find out more details about the event just click here.

Image credit: Pugcafe.com